Sunday, 7 December 2008

Lysandra's Basilic


Bankshill Rough Justice at Tanyo x Jemmawick Little Willow of Lysandra
Basilic is the sister of our Vicky and was a lovely little showman, winning minor puppy at Darlington, his first champ show. We sold him to a show home because of conflict with our other dogs but, against our wishes, he was sold on to someone who has used him rather more than we would have wanted. However one of Basilic's daughters is now living locally and is doing very well in heel work to music, how did I find out, we actually go to the same class?

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Barney McHound said...

Hello, I think I have one of Basilic's sons - he has Lysandra's Basilic at Mariajon named as his sire on his 3 generation pedigree.