Saturday, 6 December 2008

lysandra's Vicky

Bankshill Rough Justice at Tanyo x Jemmawick Little Willow of Lysandra
Vicky now lives with her new Mammy, Pauline Featonby-Warren. Vicky broke her leg just before her first Crufts at about 10 months old, she rolled over of the settee onto her teddy, she had two operations, a plate and then a cage thing, we would not let them try again, her leg never went straight enough to show her. We decided not to have puppies from her but we held onto our sweet little darling girl untill she was almost 6 years old, Pauline needed a best friend, how lucky we all were when Vicky chose her as her new Mam, now she gets all the attention she should have (and demands)

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